Saturday, September 13, 2014

3 Announcements | I've Moved to a New Website, New Product Line, Toronto Natural Hair Event & Upcoming Workshop

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

1. After a short break away from the blog, we are back and in full swing. For those wondering why I've been away, the reason is that I have been working on a few projects which has been taking my time. But starting next week, the website will resume it's usual activities, only that the activities will be on a BRAND NEW SITE. That's right, is NOW This means that future posts will be made on and traffic from this site will be redirected to the new site starting from October 1st. Please click this link to check out the new site. I'm sure you'd absolutely LOVE IT.

2. New Product Line
 Although women who wear their hair natural is on the rise in Canada and worldwide, I have come to realize that businesses who sells coily hair products haven't fully caught up to the trend. Also, people often ask me where to purchase high quality products for their hair. In fact, my post on "10 places to get natural hair products in Canada" has always been on the top 10 list in the history of the website with almost 4,000 views. And so instead of referring people to over 10 sources for their oils, butters, creams and soap, I thought it's wise to source those products from trusted sources myself and make them available to buyers who are seeking such products. A full list of the product line will be posted on Coils & Glory where they will be available for purchase.

3.  The Toronto Natural Hair and Beauty Show is coming up next weekend (September 20-21) where I will be presenting a workshop on children's haircare on the Sunday, September 21st. I will also be selling my products at the marketplace on the same day. For more information relating to the event, please visit the event page at I hope to see you out next week Sunday at my workshop and/or my booth.

That's all the announcements I have for now. Please remember that we've moved to a new website, so make sure you update your bookmark and weblink. This will probably be the last post on this site i'll be writing for this site, I look forward to reading your new comments on the NEW site.

Until next time.

Friday, August 29, 2014

3 Easy Habits Which Leads To Healthy Long Natural Hair

Contrary to what many may think, achieving healthy long hair can be very easy to achieve. We've all seen bloggers and vloggers who have been able to grow their hair long without the taking hair growth pills or engage themselves in any ridiculous activity which promises long hair. What many don't realize is that simple hair care practices such as washing and caring for the hair are easy practices which all contributes to healthy hair, that will eventually yield long hair.
The three habits listed below will definitely put your hair growth on an upward trajectory, rather than the plateau it's been sitting at all these months or years.  

 What are the habits, you might ask?
1.    Shampoo: Hair and scalp which is cleansed often will be able to grow to its full capacity and retain as much length as possible. For a healthy scalp, I recommend a bi-weekly cleanse with a sulphate free soap such as Black soap. You can also cleanse your hair in between these shampoo washes with a conditioner; this method is known as a co-wash.

2.     Condition: One of the reasons why it’s harder to grow Black hair long is because its coily nature makes it difficult for the natural oils that are produced by the scalp to evenly distribute to the entire length of the hair. As a result, the hair tends to get dry very quickly, which then leads to breakage and stunted growth. To avoid this, you’ll need to do a deep conditioning treatment (DCT) every time the hair is cleansed so that moisture is restored back into the hair. You can do this by applying store bought hair masks which are formulated for a DCT or you can add honey and olive oil to a thick conditioner of your choice to enhance its moisturizing properties.

3.     Styling: Another reason why many of us are not seeing length is because of the type of hair styles we do which are damaging to our hair. Lazy hairstyles which are meant for you to forget about your hair, as well as tiny, heavy and tight hairstyles are all enemies of long hair and should be avoided at all cost. While damaged hair can be cut off and regrown, a damaged scalp might never heal. So it's best to stay away from styles that compromises the health of your hair and scalp. For a stylish hairstyle which will also help you retain length, I recommend low manipulative hairstyles such as buns, flat twists, twists and pin up styles

If all these 3 tips are done properly and consistently, you should start to see results in the overall health of your hair in a month and increased length in about 3 months, although it’s possible to see increased length in a shorter time frame if your hair grows fast.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunshine & Fros Natural Hair Event Recap

About a few short weeks ago, a group of naturally beautiful ladies from the Toronto natural hair community gathered together for an afternoon of hairformation, they also got the chance to ask questions and connect with other Naturalistas.

As mentioned in a previous post, the event was filled with many firsts. To list a few, this was my first summer event, first time i'm giving something away to EVERYONE, first free natural hair event, first mommy & kids meet up, first time a popular American company sponsored the event and the first time i'm a vendor at my own event. 

My highlight of the event was the "Mommy & Me" session, where I facilitated a workshop with AfroMoms and AfroKids. When I asked the kids about their favorite natural hairstyle, they told me they like Afros and two strand twists. Cute eh? The AfroMoms also got to exchange a few tips on hair care and growth which should help both parties to love their hair even more. The kids at the workshop gave me hope for the future.

As always, pictures from the event are posted below. More photos can be found on Facebook where you can tag yourself, like, comment and share the pictures. Thank you to all those who came and I look forward to your continued support. 

Quick Announcement: This will probably be my last self-hosted workshop for the next little while, as I have a few other things which i'm currently working on, as evident in my sporadic posts and online presence.  I might however hold an online meet up during various times in the year.

I am also working on a new site and the launch of my natural hair care company, more details on these projects will be released in the upcoming days. So please stay tuned :)

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures below and please leave a comment below. Thanks. 
The ladies really came in all sorts of Fros.

A test launch of  "Coils & Glory" 
Please message me for a list of products and how to get your hands on one
The rose water & aloe vera juice went REALLY fast
3 ways to style your Fro
She came with her mom. Good to see you girl
These ladies we so helpful :)
Quiz Time

An AfroMom being cheered by her AfroKid

The Team
For more pictures, please visit the Facebook page where you can also tag yourself. Also please remember to like, comment and share the pictures :).

Pictures: Courtesy of Anya of I Heart My Hair
Donors: Oyin Handmade, Shakara Natural Tips, Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show, I Heart My Hair and
Art by Bahama Artistry

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Natural Hair in TV Commercial: Rogers Nextbox 3.0 Commercial

Natural hair of all texture, shape, length, density and color continues to receive attention on TV. As a natural hair blogger, I always smile each time I see hair which looks like mine on TV, even if its a wig!
So for this week's feature, I present Rogers Telecommunications TV commercial which features a middle age woman with a colored twist out.

Cool eh?

Have you seen a fellow Natural in a TV commercial lately? Please leave the name and link to the commercial in the comment box below.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Preserve the Shelf Life of Your Natural Hair Products

Mother Jar (Shea Moisture Container) and Daughter Jar (any smaller container will do)
Many hair products tend to come with a long description on how to use them, but very little includes instructions on how to prolong the shelf life and efficacy of the product. Most products would tell you to store them in a cool and well ventilated environment in order to ensure that the chemical properties in the products remains at their optimal state until they are used up, before the expiry date. One size does not always fit all, this is especially true for thick hair products such as hair masques, curl defining creams, hair butters and other hair predicts with a similar consistency which often comes packaged in jars for easier access.

Hair products that comes in jars requires the user to dip their fingers into the product, which sometimes can be unsanitary, particularly if the fingers are not clean and even worse if the product is shared by two or more people. 

4 Reasons why you shouldn't dip your fingers straight into the product 

1. Dipping your hands into the product can contaminate the product when the hair isn't cleansed before it is dipped into the product. 

2. It can cause shed and broken hair pieces to get into your hair product which can be unpleasant to the eyes and a contaminant to the hair product which can affect the efficacy of the product which is left in the jar. This might cause the product to "stop working" overtime

3. A  lot of naturals tend to use a variety of hair products on hair day, this means that their fingers might have a combination of two or more hair products which will most likely end up in the jar of hair product. The combination of these hair pr
oducts will affect the chemical properties of the hair product which can counter its effect because you've now added your hair gel, leave in and hair butter to your jar of curl defining cream.  

4. Opening the product for a long period of time can also expose it to too much air which can lead to floating particles in the atmosphere depositing on the surface of the product

So, how  do you ensure that your hair product stays "fresh" till the last scoop?

You can prolong the shelf life of your hair product by simply avoiding all the habits mentioned above. An easy way to do this is by using a clean spoon to scoop out a few spoonful of the hair product which you will need into a smaller clean container. Using a separate container will also allow you to add any other additions you wish to add to the hair product if you like to complicate things like I sometimes like to.  
Just make sure you use up the product and if you happen to have some left over, DO NOT pour it back into the "mother" jar because the main reason why you have a daughter jar is to reduce contamination. And so any left over product can either be discarded or it can be sealed and used up during the week or on your next styling session.  

How do you prolong the shelf life of your hair products?